O N E   O F   A   K I N D   C O U T U R E


(   N I G H T   B U G   )

Dress embellished with handcrafted bug sculptures, embroidery and swarovski crystals, 2017

Model: Artist STEELE

Photographer: Kari Jaroszynska

MuA: Elvira Brandt


(   I M M O R T A L   I C E   )

Hand-sawed metal piece, coated with paint and glitter, 2012


(   T H E   O N L Y   W A Y   T O   F L Y   I S    T O   D I E   )

Bachelor Graduate Collection 2010

Fashion Show at Berns, Stockholm, 2010

Feather Dress, Photographed by Simon Larsson

Feather Outfit worn by STEELE in her music video Follow


(   T O W E R S   A N D   P I N N A C L E S   )

Knitted Collection, 2009

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